Raising donkeys in the mountains, the challenge of a young Italian woman

Schignano (Italy) (AFP) - At 23, Vanessa Peduzzi made a rather radical choice: raising donkeys and cows in the pastures, above Lake Como.For her, no bar or nightclub, but life in fresh air, a route taken by an increasing number of young Italians.

"It's tiring, tiring work, but I like it.I chose this life: this is where I want to be, surrounded by nature and animals," she explains to AFP.

Pastures, woods and a large building that it intends to transform into a farmhouse: we are in Alpe Bedolo, at 813 meters above sea level, in the Lombard town of Schignano in the north of the country.

The young woman has a cook's diploma but the call of the mountain was stronger.

"I started last year, I started with two little donkeys.I had no land and no stable so I had a meadow loaned to me by a friend," she said.

"The situation has escaped me for a little while," she laughs, while her herd now has around twenty donkeys - including fifteen gravid donkeys -, ten cows, five calves and five heifers.

Beatrice, Silvana, Giulia, Tom and Jerry ...all have names.Most graze in Alpe Bedolo, a mountain pasture she was able to obtain a few months ago following a call for tenders.

"I have had this passion since I was a child.My grandparents, who had an inn, had dairy cows, they made butter, cheese".And "as a child, I followed my father who took his cows to the mountain pastures" , she remembers.

"At the beginning, my father was not very happy with my choice because he has always done this job and knows that it is difficult" but he has since gotten used to the idea and "helps me, give me advice."

Posted Date: 2020-07-13

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